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Threaded Match is the Natural Language Matching Engine that takes what you are looking for in natural language and searches all of our data sources to find the best candidates.

Be the first with the power of natural language talent search.

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We take this:

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What we do

The power of ChatGPT on top of your data to match talent in seconds

Threaded connects your datasources to our natural language search interface so you can search in natural language and never miss the perfect candidate for that open job.

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Match off of More

Key-words and filters don't capture everything you need to make a match.

Threaded takes who you are looking for, whether it is from a supplied job description, your onboarding call notes or personal expertise, and uses it all to make sure every relevant candidate in your database is found.

Save time dreaming up the right mix of key words and filters and start finding matches in seconds.

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Private and Data Protected

Your candidate data is valuable and private and you can't risk that data falling into the wrong hands.

Threaded's platform generates the right query from the details you provide and then uses a secure API connection to find the right talent in your database. Your data is never shared with externally keeping it secure and for your eyes only.

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Any Data Source; Multiple Sources

Threaded integrates with most ATS's as well as other places you may house candidate data, like your interview platform, CRM, gdocs, spreadsheets or data warehouse.

We integrate with it all and can search your entire candidate data ecosystem all at one time. Not leveraging all of your data to be sure you're finding every candidate? Threaded makes it happen.

Data from Anywhere
to Anywhere


Top ATS Integrations

Including Greenhouse, Lever, Ashby, Workday and BambooHR


Top Cloud Integrations

Including AWS, Google gDocs and Microsoft Sharepoint


Engagement Tools

Including Gem, Sendgrid, and

Who's it for

We help all sorts of communities get their members jobs

Threaded has worked with large professional communities, corporate alumni orgs, subreddits and other types of communities get their members jobs.

Professional Communities

We've worked with professional communities built around sectors and/or skillsets that exist on Slack, Circle, Discord, Github, Reddit and many other platforms.

These communities are connected by a love of their craft and are excited to help each other, either through solving a tough problem at work or by helping find someone their next opportunity.

Threaded makes it easy for you to host virtual hiring events to better surface opportunities, remove the awkwardness of members throwing their resume out into a public channel and replaces the non-responsiveness of traditional job postings.

Corporate, University and Bootcamp Alumni

We've worked with corporate alumni groups with a recent influx of laid-off colleagues, universities looking to up-level their talent services and bootcamps ready to help their graduates beyond their first job.

These communities have already invested in their members' careers and with Threaded they can directly help them land with a trusted hiring partner.

Threaded allows you to bring together your hiring partners, as well as the hiring partners already on Threaded, to make introductions to your available alumni that turn into actual jobs.


We've worked with conferences hosting upcoming events that want to add talent matching services for their attendees and sponsors.

Threaded's virtual hiring events play well with existing in-person events. When you throw a virtual hiring event for an upcoming in-person event, hirers can plan to meet the member in-person, kicking the relationship off on the right foot.

Threaded also helps conferences stay relevant 365 days year by hosting virtual events when their isn't a conference. Continue to build your community by delivering value with Threaded.

what's it cost


Threaded has competitive pricing to bring a dedicated matching solution to your talent business


Pay per seat: $100/month or $1000/year per seat

Unlimited Matching Queries

Threaded Match is pay per seat with each seat being able to query your data sources as much as needed, including refining matching parameters, to make sure your finding all of the right candidates.

Unlimited Data Exports

Export your data or import it to your messaging tool as much as you need.

Connect up to 3 Data Sources

Threaded allows you to connect up to 3 different data sources, whether its your ATS or a big spreadsheet in the cloud, we can bring it together with our matching interface.

Dedicated Support

We're here to make this experience awesome for you. If you need something to work for you, we'll make it happen.

Protect Your Data

Threaded is fully data privacy compliant and ensures that your data isn't shared with any third-party.

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"Working with Threaded has been a great experience. It was simple to find talent in our network for employers to engage with. It’s been a huge win for our talent community."

Isaac Slavitt

Co-Founder of DrivenData

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